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i dyed my hair


Yoshitomo Nara. MOT Collection


Yoshitomo Nara. MOT Collection








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I’m almost at 9000 followers (WOW cannot believe it…) so I am preemptively celebrating by doing this giveaway contest thing :o) 

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Occasionally, strangers and robots post my comics to aggregator sites.
This dramatically increases my fame and popularity.


Occasionally, strangers and robots post my comics to aggregator sites.

This dramatically increases my fame and popularity.

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a moment of silence and prayer for 68 innocent women, children and men brutally gunned down in a mosque in Iraq today.


There are no words.

Final Exam


Complete the following thought:

You should leave __________ more often.

A) it alone

B) me alone

C) [ your hometown here ]

Start naked.  Orgy of wrong answers.

Everybody watching.  Yes

puts a hand on your knee

& you forget to flinch.

You can pass a test without being handed a pencil.

You can choose your own undoing

or let the machine do it.

Execute the following proof:

If you hear every train fleeing at night, then _______.

If you don’t have time to count them, then ________.

If you hope grows ugly in her old age, then

it’s best to admit you’re tired.

Hoboken is only a word.

Vonnegut is only a word.

None of the stars are running

to or from anywhere but your eyes.

Treat every person you meet

like a stranger.  It’s pleasant to speak

openly with you.
  Always the first

time you’ve met.

What do you think of me?

(seven words or less)

by Emily O’Neill